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Referral Scheme


At Cathedral Accounting Services, we will reward any direct referral of a new client to us by

an existing client.

We will pay up to £50 of the first fee of any new client to the referrer and this will be paid either 
by BACS or cheque on receipt of the fee. With the exception if there are any fees outstanding in which case we reserve the right to deduct from the fees outstanding.

This referral scheme will operate up to a maximum of £400 per year, so if you recommend 8 new 
clients to us each year paying similar fees to yourself then you can effectively get your accounts done for FREE.


Alternatively, if you do not wish a BACS or cheque payment, we can arrange for goods to that value

(for example an I-pad / lap-top).


If you want any further information on the above just contact us for more details.

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