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Limited Company













Our Fees


Prior to entering into any agreement, we will agree up front, fees for the service you wish us to provide.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to provide a quotation for the services you require.


As a guide, provided your books are well maintained, fully reconciled, analysed and have been recorded as we have advised at any previous meetings then the table below lists the typical fees you should expect to pay.








If your business has turnover in excess of £1m then please ask for a separate quote. 



Our consultancy costs are based on the number of days requested and they can be provided upon request.


Our payroll costs are based per payslip and we cater for pension auto enrolment, Prices per payslip can be provided upon request.


If you choose to pay monthly by direct debit, we will give a reduction on the comparable annual fee.

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